When it comes to starting a business, it is essential for business owners to seek the help of business lawyers because, as the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is better than  a pound of cure.” Many startups are prone to committing big legal mistakes that can be avoided by consulting a lawyer on some legal business matters.

While most new businesses see the obvious benefits of hiring an accountant to set up its “chart of accounts,” most people overlook how essential it is to hire a business attorney. Seeking out the services of a good legal professional can give the startup company the advice and assistance it needs in certain aspects of the business such as basic zoning compliance, trademark, copyright, formal business incorporation, liabilities, lawsuits, and more.

3 benefits of having a business lawyer:

3) Avoiding lawsuits

Given the nature of our legal system, you have to be prepared to be sued. It doesn’t matter if the company is big or small, so long as your business causes large numbers of people to interact in some way, chances are that you will deal with a legal issue at one point.

2) Prevent legal issues from escalating

Do not commit the big mistake of waiting till the last minute to get a lawyer when dealing with legal problems. Those who wait till the last minute usually have more things to attend to, more documents to comply with, and more expenses; not only for attorney’s fees but also for documents that will be required.

On that note, having legal representation you can call on is helpful should you ever have to deal with certain employee matters such as harassment, injury compensation, etc.

1) For all legal matters & paperwork

Business lawyers can handle matters such as negotiating your office lease, filing a patent or trademark, drafting software license agreements, overseeing the corporate meetings for legal input.

Attorneys can deal with contracts. Having a lawyer who already understands the nature of your business on call makes it easier to prepare contracts with your clients, suppliers, and clients.

You might also need advice on taxes and licenses or perhaps you just need a lawyer to register your business for you. Whether you would like it to be a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC) your attorney can provide information to help you decide which type of business is ideal for you. They can even help you organize the business and prepare the required paperwork.

For companies specializing in design, media, and other creative-type businesses, a lawyer who is experienced in intellectual property can help register your products and services for copyright protection and trademark.

Since lawyers are essential in starting a business, it is also important that business owners know how to ask the right questions to choose the best representation for their business’ legal needs. If there is a law firm or a lawyer who can perform all the legal matters of the business then it would be advantageous for the company so they can avoid dealing with many attorneys in assisting the business regarding different legal needs.

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