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Wherever you go, everyone always seems to be in rush. This phenomenon is most accentuated on the road. Everyone seems to be cutting everyone off, running red lights and speeding like there is no tomorrow. Sadly, this type of behavior can get you into serious legal trouble. Nothing can be more jeopardizing to your driving record than traffic violations. The more severe the traffic violation, the more points the violation will give you. The more points, the more you will have to spend on a traffic lawyer. Believe it or not, point violations are a lot more costly than the high legal fees you will have to pay your attorney. Your only hope to avoid ridiculous car insurance costs, possible jail time and other license penalties will be a not-guilty verdict. Today we will share some tips on how to avoid speeding violations that will result in high point violations.

Point Scale For Speeding Violations:

A rolling scale will determine how bad your speeding violation will be. This rolling point system is the law in New York state which includes the five boroughs of NYC as well as the eastern Long Island region. If you speed 9 MPH over the legal limit you will be served a 3-point violation. Once you go up to 10 to 20 mph over what the law allows you a 4-point violation will be served to you. If you decide to be foolish and speed 20 to 30 mph over the legal limit you will be dished a dangerous 6-point violation. If you decide to be even more foolish and risk yours and other peoples lives and drive 31 mph over the limit you will be in serious trouble. The judge will have the discretion to give you an 8-point violation or a license suspension which will be equate to 11 points. Even the most seasoned traffic ticket attorney that is available in NY state will have a very challenging time dealing with a violation 31 mph and higher.

The moral of this “speeding scale” story is to avoid speeding and not risk innocent lives because you are in a rush. If you decide to do so anyways you are looking at serious legal repercussions. If you do decide to speed you should at the least try to be somewhat humane and keep it less than 20 mph over the legal limit. Anything over that puts you in a very barbaric category in the eyes of a judge and makes your case much more difficult to win. In any case, if you are served a violation it would be wise to hire a skilled NY traffic attorney that understands the nuances of the law and has experience in attaining non-guilty verdicts for violations similar to yours.

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